Congrats to our newly elected 2012 Board of Directors!

I feel an awesome year is just around the corner, and it will be tough to top 2011 for sure.  ASAP and the ASAP Daisies elected their 2012 Board of Directors last night, and here are the Gents that will be leading the charge in your ‘relaxing and encouraging’ philanthropic endeavours.  Would you like to meet them?  Well come to the ASAP Fall Ball and high-five them in person and get your photo opportunities.

President                               –   Mike Testa

Vice President                     –   Jesse Bertram

Chairman of the Board     –   Kevin Hearley

Chief Scribe                           –   Ryan Hearley

Abacus Operator                –   Dan O’Connell

Minister of Defense            –   Stephen Kervin

Grand Puma                          –   Chad Binney

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