Want to join ASAP? Of course you do! Here’s how…

ASAP (Albany Society for the Advancement of Philanthropy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) is currently wrapping up our 10th year of existence, and what a ride it’s been so far.  In the past 10 years our members have grown older, more handsome, more classy, and of course more awesome.  Many of us have married, had kids,Continue reading “Want to join ASAP? Of course you do! Here’s how…”

Congrats to the New 2014 Board of Directors!

Please help use congratulate the Gentlemen who were nominated to the 2014 Board or Directors.  We hope you are looking forward to another year Relaxing, Encouraging, and striving for Excellence in Awesomeness with us and the ASAP Daisies.  New members are always welcome.  Check out our Facebook page for times and dates of our meetingsContinue reading “Congrats to the New 2014 Board of Directors!”

Congrats to our newly elected 2012 Board of Directors!

I feel an awesome year is just around the corner, and it will be tough to top 2011 for sure.  ASAP and the ASAP Daisies elected their 2012 Board of Directors last night, and here are the Gents that will be leading the charge in your ‘relaxing and encouraging’ philanthropic endeavours.  Would you like toContinue reading “Congrats to our newly elected 2012 Board of Directors!”