The future of ASAP continues to look bright, perhaps so much that we need to wear shades…

This is ASAP’s time of the year to shine, the Festival of Meats and Bacon was a great success, please be sure to RSVP to our upcoming events the Fall Ball ( and the  7th Annual Santa Speedo Sprint (  We also have a First Giving Donation link at our official Speedo Sprint Site (  Our goal is to raise $25,000 this year, so please direct your friends/families/coworkers/strangers to the site and help us meet our goal!

On a final note, last night we elected our Board for the upcoming year.  Congrats to the newly elected 2013 Board Members!

President – Mike Testa (2nd term)
Vice President – Dave Dowd
Chairman of the Board – Joe Esposito
Treasurer – Jim Larson
Secretary – Ryan Hearley
Media Relations Officer – Chad Binney
Technology Officer – Jesse Bertram

Thanks to all who have supported and will support our various events this year, enjoy the Holiday Season!

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